Garen's Ultimate passive.

This is a blog post so bear with me. Just had a game as Nasus in normals so it's not that big of a deal. I was up against Garen, and so you can imagine I was pretty upset in the load screen. However, despite dying twice to ganks by their jungler throwing spears from under my screen while I was under tower, I still managed to rack up 400 stacks by 20 minutes, and around 950 stacks by the end of the game. But that's not what this post is about. In bot lane, about 3 minutes before our loss, I caught out their fed as fuck Draven. As you can imagine, I two shotted him with around 4/5ths of my health left. Then Garen and the rest of their team popped up to fiddle my diddle, which I knew was gonna happen anyway. All of a sudden, Garen ults me for 1505 true damage. One. Thousand. And five. True. Damage. Why in the shit, does any champion, let alone a TANK, possess an ability that not only only does percentage missing health damage, but percentage missing health TRUE damage. TRUE DAMAGE HAS NO COUNTER. WHY IS THERE NO ITEM OR MASTERY OR RUNE OR EVEN A FUCKING SKIN TO COUNTER IT. LOOKING AT YOU VAYNE. What am I supposed to do in that situation? Even if I wasn't caught out the fact that I could be executed for losing less than half my health is just downright doggy doo doo. With a lot of the item's this season, I feel like Riot really hates tanks. There's 1 item to directly counter auto attack/critical strike reliant champions, and 2 total for just attack speed reduction. Yet 11 items exist that counter tankyness in some way, be it flat/percentage armour/magic penetration, healing reduction, percentage health bonus damage etc. Not a fan of being a 7.5k health big boy Sion and taking 3k true damage from a Vayne looking in my general direction, or getting shredded by just about any ability power champion just because they have a Void Staff. Being able to deal true damage or buying a single item should not just almost nullify three items. Fix true damage and tank shredding items please.
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