Supporting not the best team

Hiya, so this is my second discussion and thanks to everyone who helped me in my first discussion. Anyways, I'm a Jungle main and since I'll need a second role when I'm ready for Ranked I've gone support since I find it easy to do and I'm good at it. Problem is though, majority of my support games I lose, why? Well I feel as though it's cause at least 1-3 members on my team aren't pulling their weight ingame. Recently, I went Taric support with a Vayne who kept on either running away or engaging at the wrong moment, as well as an Ivern top who kept on feeding. (Cred to both for not blaming or flaming anyone tho). Since I was support though, I felt pretty powerless to turn the tide of the game, I could get picks for my team but nothing alone which is my problem. So is there anyway I could carry as a support or any support champ for that matter? Thx
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