Matchmaking? Rito please

Dear Rito, So I commonly read the red posts and surrender@20, but I would very much like to know just why a 50:50 win/loss rate is the aim for the matchmaking system. I wonder this as I've just clawed my way out of bronze 4 to bronze 1.. with big win streaks, but then suddenly as my win ratio hit 50% (i was on a losing spree before that when i stopped playing ranked months ago) I get paired with players worse than the Bronze 4 players I just finished getting away from. And what's worse is it makes it very hard to get out of bronze when you hit that wall. I get a bunch of wins, then a huge lot of people who say "first time ahri" then 0-12 after the first 15mins with or without jungle help. Looking at their games played after game.. you see they've played 20 games. total. Why? I'm not a bad player, i make silly decisions occasionally but in a game designed for 5v5 gameplay.. why is it necessary to pair players with people they EXPECT to lose. is the best strategy to get to gold.. lose 3000 games, drop to bronze 5, then get a bunch of wins so you end up in gold at 17w:3000L? since you'll be paired with people that can play since they're expecting you to fail them?
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