Pool Party

For those who didn't know, {{champion:58}}, {{champion:64}}, {{champion:115}}, {{champion:104}} and {{champion:89}} all have Pool Party Skins. Also, {{champion:36}}, {{champion:421}}, {{champion:154}}, {{champion:119}} and {{champion:117}} will also be receiving upcoming Pool Party skins. However, In the Splash Art's of the already released skins, you can see a bunch of other champions sharing the theme. What I want to know, other than the already confirmed skins, what other champions do you want to see. The other champions are {{champion:79}}, {{champion:103}}, {{champion:121}}, {{champion:13}}, {{champion:17}}, {{champion:30}} (seen in the {{champion:58}} splash), {{champion:76}}, {{champion:61}} (seen in the {{champion:64}} splash), {{champion:86}}, {{champion:131}}, {{champion:92}}, {{champion:5}}, {{champion:55}}, {{champion:83}}, {{champion:122}} (seen in the {{champion:115}} splash), {{champion:266}}, {{champion:222}} (seen in the {{champion:104}} splash), {{champion:44}}, {{champion:81}}, {{champion:267}} (seen in the {{champion:89}} splash art), as well as {{champion:25}}, {{champion:67}} and {{champion:99}} (seen in the loading screen*) Feel free to include your own ideas of Champions that would fit the Pool Party Theme, not just the ones spotted in the slash arts) *A still image of the loading screen
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