Another "Bronze Elo Hell" post.

I'm sick and tired of higher ranked players telling lower elo players "there is no elo hell". However many of us stuck from bronze 5 to silver 4 see a reoccurring pattern of feeders, afks and people who don't deserve to be anywhere near level 30. I understand that some of us stuck in this "elo hell" may not have the same knowledge or expertise as higher elo players do, however many of us should not be placed within this lower elo bracket when compared to many of the other players in it. I'll bring up some ranked games and some outstanding facts as to how i am personally stuck in this elo hell. (I'm not trying to say that i am perfect every game). For the most recent ranked game i had a 1/17 jax with 5.5k damage in almost 40 minutes.. even our soraka did more damage in that time with 9 k damage.. He intentionally fed and walked to lane and afk'ed to let anyone kill him. This was because he gave up at the 13 minute mark as his score was 1/3 at the time. That was 3 ranked games ago. Singed decided to play ranked to show off his augmented singed skin. He refused to participate in the game which is shown through his 0 assists all game. Our adc was flaming all game and also gave up before the 20 minute mark. These have been my most recent ranked losses and it is only evident that i have lost LP unfairly due to being paired up with people who do belong in elo hell. I personally did run through a rough time where i did belong in elo hell (which was only a couple of months ago which is shown in my ranked history) but since then ive spent time learning how to be a better player by duoing in norms with higher elo friends in silver and gold.

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