I'm lost and I don't know what to do

I hate that I love to play this game that rewards time spent over skill, there are just some games that are plain and simply winnable but due to inept players who throw their lead, are first timing the champion in ranked or just plain afk / inting. I play well most of the time and am just falling down the elo ladder back into the depths of hell. I was instantly demoted from gold 1 because I dodged 2 games (the lobby was held hostage in one and I had a janna jg in the other) then I lost the first game on 0 lp which had a midlaner who flamed and just died while my team tried their hardest to win fights. Fast forward to today I've lost 6 games in a row, generally speaking I perform well and win lane or atleast if I don't win lane I'm making picks and plays for other lanes with TP to get us a gold lead and objective control. However even if I perform well, doing the most dmg possible, landing everything and trying my damnedest to shot call and wrangle the wild beasts that I'm supposed to call team mates they get mad and afk or int. Riot I don't know what I did to get matched with these people who apparently were plat 3 and above last season but now drag even a gold 2's game down but can you cut a guy some slack. I love playing league and I've been playing for years but my goodness if I try so hard every game and get shot down it just hurts to play. TL:DR - I'm losing too many games and I'm crying about it, check my history I'm just sad

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