Sion's passive vs Kled's passive

{{champion:14}} gains an additional 2 max hp per minion he kills. Kled , for every 1 max hp he has, Skarl has 1 hp which is combined into a single health bar. So basically.... {{champion:14}} kills 200 minion, gains an additional 400 max hp. Kled builds Sterak's Gage, gains an additional 400 max hp+ the HP from Sterak's gage. Hey, I love playing Sion but wasn't his passive made to compensate for his early stats? I mean I could be totally wrong but doing a basic stat comparison like this it just kind of seems a bit unfair. It could be that Sion would be an absolute monster if he could gain any more hp per minion he killed. Sion is also a really strong team fighter compared to kled with plenty of CC and a revenge passive to slaughter anyone after death. But what do you guys reckon?
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