The difference between Diamond and Platinum (some useful tips to help with the climb)

Hello peeps so i am ranking up one of my accounts which is in Plat atm and well from what i see in solo que and my mates asking me what makes a diamond player different from a platinum, i mean we are both higher elo so why am i still stuck in plat. So i thought i would make a post saying a few things that people might already know but could help the people who dnt know in the growing community 1. as a laner your required to win your lane without jungle pressence (yes some match ups for ranged and melee champs are unfavourable but even then your required to be not too far behind 2. as a jungler you are required to track enemy movements and do counter ganks or cross map ganks to apply presence as the enemy jungler is doing 3. If a lane is doing baddly all the other lanes are obliged to contribute to either salvage or prevent it from falling further behind (major difference in elo is how they act like every man for themselves in a team based game) 4. make sure your not lazy, as in your opponent blew a summoner and you say so and so no sums but dnt time the uptime, or change trinkets early or time inhibs or other objectives, 5. Give the benefit of the doubt, your opponent will kill you if you miss position, even for a second, also cs every time you miss one you think i shouldnt have missed that, why did i miss that and how will i not miss a cs like that again. 6. okay champion power spikes, when are they strong , where are they strong and for how long are they strong, alot of the people look dnt really look at the comps if a corki lost to a vayne yes vayne is stronger as the are a late game champ but mid game is coming up and your corki is gonna be hitting his spike,, thats just an example but alot of the time people are like so and so got 3 kills its gg well you havent taken into consideration your teams power spike and the opponents power spike, nor the gold distribution or the win conditions, all i can say for this is that most people in plat totally misjudge what champs can do what at what times and situation so its better for you to get an understanding first before deciding the fate of your team just by one observation. Lastly if I have missed something please feel free to add, that is the difference i believe between plat and dia that i have experienced and hopefully this helps with the climb
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