10 Tips to Reduce Your Death Count

##Why focus specifically on deaths? **Dying is the worst thing you can do in LOL.** _It hurts your team in so many ways while helping the enemy in so many ways. Games are won all the time off of even one single death at the wrong time. If you learn nothing else in LOL, learn to not die. Fortunately, "not dying" is not hard to accomplish. It simply requires you to purposely put a high priority on survival._ _Beyond the effects on your team, dying carries a ton of personal pain with it. It increases the chances that your enemy will purposely go after you (easy kill) or make fun of you. It increases the chances that your team will ridicule you and blame you for everything bad in the world. To them, it will seem like you were the only one who fed their carry. To them, you are the reason they got ganked. It is totally illogical, but you will be the one solely blamed. Of course, you are a major contributor if you die a lot, but you get my point. No one wants to be "that guy"._ **Note: As you become a better player, your ability to evaluate the potential risk of a situation improves, allowing you to become more aggressive. Of course, at that point you will be too good to gain anything from this post anyway.** ________ > #10 Tips to reduce your death count: ##Before the game: **1. You can choose defensive summoner spells.** Your options are Heal, Cleanse, barrier, Ghost, Flash. Flash is pretty much a staple for most players, allowing you to evade skill shots (when you can't dodge) and escape over walls. Barrier and heal are both pretty useful, especially if you are going to be playing passively or are in a matchup that does not favour you. Exhaust can also be pretty useful here, and is popping up more and more in solo laners due to the popularity of champions such as Zed/Yasuo/Riven. **2. You can choose a ranged champion.** Melee champions may seem strong, but they must constantly place themselves in a position to be hit, whether it is farming creeps, stopping a push, defending a tower, fighting in a team fight, chasing an enemy, etc, etc. Melee champions must commit deeper than ranged heroes in every situation. Because of this and other reasons, a melee is a poor choice for any struggling player who is trying not to die. **3. You can choose a champion with a stun and/or escape skill.** Most champions have at least one of these skills but some are better than others for getting away. When you pick your champion, think of how your skills could be used to help you escape a gank. If your skills won't help much, you might consider a different champion. For example, Veigar can create a stun circle that stuns anyone who tries to cross it and run the other way; whereas Morgana must shoot an aimed snare that would only hit one person if you even land it. Since ganks usually involve more than one person chasing you down, Veigar's stun is obviously way better for getting away than Morgana's snare. ##During the game: **4. Beware of bushes.** Bushes are not your friend unless you are standing in them, especially in early-game, and especially when your enemies have yet to appear in your lane. The problem with bushes is they are potentially a trap waiting to be sprung. Checking them by walking in is like checking for a car bomb by turning the ignition. My recommendation is don't go in them until you see your enemies in the lane. Before that time, assume enemies are in the bushes ready to run out behind you. Act accordingly. The best way to not give up first blood is to assume any MIA heroes are just waiting nearby to gank you. Later in the game, instead of a bush containing 2-3 heroes it could have all five in it. Sometimes when I play, the enemies kind of disappear from the minimap and I wish I knew where they were (another reason wards are awesome). Then I see one or two of my allies wandering around our jungle kind of checking the bushes. Normally the result of this is they find the right bush and 5 nukes later they are dead just like that. Every time I see them doing this I started telling them to get together and not wander into bushes. Even a 5-man wandering into a bush containing another 5-man is a recipe for disaster. Don't wander willy-nilly into bushes when enemy positions are unknown. **5. Don't make yourself a gank target.** _Don't hang around with low life. For the love of god and all that is sacred go heal FFS!!!_ Seriously, if you are low on life, you should hit b and teleport home to heal. Hanging around with low life is something good players do sometimes, but even they are taking a risk that may not payoff. Being at low life is like a big sign saying "please gank me before I have the sense to heal". You also quickly lose the pressure in your lane and often end up behind in CS and exp. Don't wander around alone. Lonely heroes are prime candidates for getting ganked. The further away from your tower you are alone, the more likely you will be killed by a gank squad. A good rule of thumb is once you start losing a tower or two, your team should group up as much as possible while still defending the towers. The best situation is all 5 of you together all the time, but aside from suggesting this to your team, at least YOU can group up. If nothing else, follow your best ally around and support whatever they do. **6. Buy a little survivability.** At least get basic boots the first time you return to the fountain. Get a cloth armour or null magic mantle. Turn the boots into Mercury boots. Later in the game, consider buying a Banshee's veil to block spells or a Thornmail to defend against dps (works best on high health, tankier champs). Yes, you can buy damage items too, but too often people ONLY buy damage items and totally ignore survivability. You NEED some kind of toughness if you don't want to be an easy victim. Health items such as black cleaver for AD and ROA, liandrys and rylais (AP) can also be quite useful for this. Note: Lifesteal is not a survivability item. It is mostly a convenience item to heal without going home and doesn't really make you survive much if you don't have the defences to survive long enough to use it. **7. Buy wards and use them** This gets it's own paragraph. Place wards, even the ones that cost gold. Every time I return to base I try to grab a pink. Place them + trinket wards in the bushes near mid lane, in the river area, in bushes your enemy would gank you from, near the enemy lizard so your team can try to gank them there, etc. Place the wards in places you want to know are safe. Yes they will expire. Yes the enemy might not go there, but when they do go there to hide, they will be totally screwed by your ward, saving lives and possibly even turning the tables on your enemy. Use wards (and tell your team YOU placed them so they give you credit). It is SO worth the money and your team will appreciate your efforts to help. **8. Split up when you flee.** When your team gets routed and is all running away, if the enemy is chasing, they will try to catch the nearest hero, kill them, and proceed to the next nearest. If you run right beside your ally, chasing him = chasing you. They don't even have to pick which one to chase down! They can kill one and keep chasing to kill the other. Running side by side makes the enemy team have a real easy decision what to do and makes it easy for them to split off and cut off your path of escape. Fleeing in different directions confuses their players with indecision which way to go and means either: one of you will not be chased, or their team will split up. If they split up you have a lot better chance escaping from 1-2 champs than 3-5. Your ally also has a better chance. It may mean you BOTH get away. **9. Towers don't make you invulnerable.** If 3-5 enemies are pushing your tower and you are 1-2 players defending it, you may just get nuked 5 times and die in 0.3 seconds and then lose your tower anyway. Towers don't stop you from being hit. Don't get a false sense of security from them. When your tower is being pushed you should still stay out of range of enemy spells so you don't get killed. This is especially true if your life is low. Yes you might bait them into dying to the tower if they are too greedy, but chances are you will die first. Hanging around with low life is something only good players should do. They can do so because they know exactly what spells/ranges/damages/etc can occur and are ready to avoid/counter it. Don't roll the dice. I have killed SO many people that stuck around with low life, and pretty much every game my allies push into a tower and a couple enemies hover around or teleport near the tower thinking they won't get hit until the tower is dead, but they get caught too close and 5x nukes rain on their head before the tower falls. It's not that it's always a bad idea to be there, but it IS a risk and many times a needless one. Better to let the tower die than feed them your death AND the tower. **10. Don't be greedy.** * Don't chase into tower range. EVER. This is another high-risk thing that only good players should attempt. It is 90% of the time not worth it, so just don't do it. If they get to tower range, they get to live. Just let them go take a long walk home to heal. * If your allies are fighting, you should be running over to help, but if they start dying off before you get there, seriously consider whether to run in. Even if some of them are low on life, they can still stun you, slow you, nuke you, attack you, exhaust you so all your attacks miss, etc. Many people run in to try to kill that one 200 hit point champ, and just die in the process maybe getting a kill, maybe not. It's not worth it to run into the meat grinder! * In battle, sometimes an enemy champ gets beat down and starts running away while his teammates stay and fight. Do not chase! Do not chase down fleeing champs until they are ALL fleeing. When an enemy champ flees, the 5v5 is now a 5v4, but if you chase down the enemy instead of fighting those that remain, you give your team a 4v4 situation. If two of you get greedy and chase, it is a 3v4 situation for those that don't chase. Meanwhile anyone that chases may get hit in the back by the enemy's buddies. Chasing is for when the fight is won, and not before. Chasing too early often means your team gets strung out and killed, and you might not even catch the guy you were chasing! _______ I honestly hope the advice here will help a low-skilled player survive better. These tactics can also help even a good player survive better when they get off to a bad/unlucky start and now have to struggle to recover with a weakened champ. Thanks for reading and please feel free to add any additional tips you think a newish player could use to survive better. I am by no means claiming to be some kind of pro. I simply wanted to give some good advice to help frustrated players out there turn things around. > Taken and adapted with permission from the original owner: **dredzach** View original post [here](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=58743)
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