Okay so I’ve decided to start taking climbing serious and have been understanding more about macro play and really there is only one thing that’s on my mind and I know it’s going to be a simple bloody answer but basically win conditions okay I’ve started to pick up carry junglers etc because I was kinda getting tired of my win conditions not performing well enough and myself not being able to help them the best I could mainly because of lack of skill on champion on my behalf so I’ve decidied to become the win condition but yet now I have no idea how to play when so far ahead like I take the objectives etc but eventually somewhere along the way I lose my lead and I can’t figure it out so short of someone wanting to watch a replay what is the best way to carry your lead from early-mid game into late game and from early to mid game (usually that isn’t a problem for me as I play khazix and he spikes in mid game) so basically what is the best decision to make when you are the only one (for lack of a better word) fed and willing to take down objectives?
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