Let's talk Ryze

Q: Why is Ryze so bad? My thought is that for a ranged mage he currently has a short range skill shot for poking, an even shorter range snare, and an ult which doesnt exactly boosts his damage other than AoE. He has no escapes so why are all his abilities have such short range, yet he is a ranged champion. He has such an awkward role. His mana build doesnt let him scale like the other mages. I feel like Riot has done a half-a** job when they reworked Ryze. Look at all the immobile mages... Lux has snare, slow, AND a shield, yet all her abilities deal apparent damage. Ryze's E doesnt do S*** even til mid/late game. Brand has a long Q and stun Velcoz is just godly Thoughts anyone? Thanks for comments in advance.
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