I can see why your game is dying. fast

Blame pubg/fortnite all you want, for a bunch of "smart" people working at Riot. You guys (Ghostcrawler) really went batshit stupid. I know it's just your job, and you want to make sure it's secure to pay your mortages. But fuck me. How do you break the game to this extent. All forms of the original game is gone. ADC's can frontline (Kai'Sa), Tanks are out 1v1ing damage dealers. WTF is going on? The reason your game is dead because your designers are "smart" jokes. Hire the best marketers in the world to get people back, you can't polish a turd. Every Rioter has sharp communication skills which makes them sound reasonable, but don't know what the fuck they are talking about. Your game is trash now Solution: Remove your shitty silo's and fire all your new character designers since 2013, get the core group that made the game and focus on it. You don't need 1000+ staff working on a MOBA for god's sake.
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