How to make league more fun

1-bring back deathfire grasp and learn to balance things instead of remove it because you are too lazy 2- more buffs to crit adcs and small nerfs to support items 3- Hotfix stopwatch rune to 10min and increase it's cost by 200 gold without changing {{item:3157}} cost 4- a mejai for ad champions 5- lower qss cost from 1300 gold to 800 gold 6-revert{{champion:44}} because he is not fun to play against or nerf him instead of yi and also revert{{champion:31}} for the same reason 7-make jungle monsters stonger while they spawn faster and give more gold and xp 8-revert{{champion:103}} {{champion:6}} specially {{champion:6}} because his rework destroyed a very unique and fun kit 9-rework{{champion:131}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:62}}{{champion:80}}{{champion:75}}{{champion:10}} and maybe{{champion:84}} 10-Make first lane towers way more tanky while they do less damage to champions 11-Introduce more runes to the game for more diversity 12-buff{{champion:268}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:141}} (assassin form){{champion:157}} {{champion:17}} or rework that last one 13-bring back ap{{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:18}} and tank{{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}} 14-Make solo kills give more gold than assisted kills until 15min of the game to reward agressive laners Thanks for making your game better Edit:I posted this In EUW boards and Na boads and it seems like people are not very smart so I lost hope in humanity and I hope that kangaroos are smarter
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