I hate it when people dodge in aram - it's random, if you're not prepared to play every champ available, don't play! I got my favourite champ tonight which I rarely get and someone dodges. Got me so mad I'm tilted all night because of one player, one player wrecked my whole night (don't bother replying that it's a game, get over it, because that just doesn't cut it). Even more annoying, the simply solution would be (as previously suggested) to make it so that when someone dodges in aram, they must play the next game with that champ. The current penalty is obviously not enough. Yes, aram at the moment sucks because all champs are available - who on earth thought that would be a reward, OMG. The thing is, you know (should) this, so again, if you're not prepared to play any champ, **DON'T** queue for a game of aram!!!
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