How the fuck do you beat ahri?

3 dashes, poke that goes through minions at full damage, charm and built in sustain. my mid laners are/were velkoz, kassadin, azir (nerfed to fuck and dead), malzahar (nerfed to fuck and bad) and i am starting to pick up diana. can also play a bit of veigar and xerath. is my champ pool just bad against her or am i playing it wrong or what any tips appreciated. since nerfs on malz and azir its really crippled my champion pull and atm leaves me playing with just velkoz and kassadin if i last pick him into a good lane. and i get TRASHED by ahri as velkoz, my ult is a free charm, and my 3 skillshots she has 3 dashes for. kill me. was considering trying out lb i would think she does ok into an ahri?
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