Right to get this started, someone called me a scripter yesterday. Proof of this "RazorGTX: u need better scripts yas..and a new account ;)" I have not put his full name because I have not asked for permission to use that and could be very disrespectful. Now to all those Yasuo haters players out there. If a Yasuo 3v1's you it does not mean he is scripting. A good Yasuo will out play you, a Good Yasuo player will abuse his Dash and Windwall advantages against a Nami, Caitlyn and Xereath. So please do not call a good Yasuo player a scripter cause he simply out skilled you in a 3v1. my KDA was 24/8/3. I was really fed, now that does not mean since I was fed. I was scripting, I simply abused the Xereaths early game lack of damage, roamed and got a few kills to set me up. So please for all you Yasuo haters. Don't get salty, I agree you can feel cheated if a Yasuo knows how to abuse his mobility. Thanks, to all my beautiful Yasuo mains, just remember. You're simply amazing <3 {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}}

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