Top x% Grading Question

Hi everyone, So I've been looking into the grading system recently, and are wondering what exactly it takes to get an S on a given champion({{champion:126}} ). > GRADES At the end of your game, you can hover over your Champion Mastery points bar to see the grade our new system gives you. These grades are awarded based on your overall performance in the role, the champion you're playing and, crucially, where you're playing them. For example, we look at an Annie going mid differently from an Annie going support. We take a series of performance metrics and compare how you did to all other players in your region in that specific champion/position combination. This is percentile-driven; earning a high score means you performed in the top x% of players in that champion/position combination. The thing that I find interesting about this is that grades are based on how you did in relation to other players, given as a percentage. So my question is: Does anyone know what percentage you have to be in to get an S-?

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