Fizz might require a nurf

As you all know fizz is probably one of most slippery champions in the game, and he can be very frustrating to play against. What's more we all know he can work quite well as an ad bruiser. I encountered an ad bruiser fizz recently and found that his abilities despite him having no ap were absolutely shredding my health bar, you would think that if he were to build ad his abilities would more be used for mobility and not so much damage. But this full ad fizz who I might add was a lower level in game as me was able to kill me with JUST his abilities, q w e r. I don't necessarily think this is fair, and I know many of you will probably just flame me that I should just "get better" but outplaying fizz is quite difficult when the only skillshot he needs to land for a guaranteed kill is his ulty. I am interested in your thoughts (I am having lots of bad games against fizz, and just want to know if he's truly balanced.)
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