The Worst Game I Have Ever Had (A talk about the community)

This probably happens a lot in most people's games but this is the first time I've experienced this at it's fullest. I was playing a ranked game as teemo top and unaware of my internets current state I entered the game with 200 ping. So I tried my hardest to cope with it but it got to the point where I was disconnecting constantly. I tried to inform my team of the problem but of course they were so "concentrated" in the game apparently none of them saw the clear "An ally has disconnected" call about 10 times. So it's around 30 minutes and I'm 0/7 trying my hardest to do something useful by defending top lane since the inhibitor was down and suddenly I see my team is in danger around the edge of the base around top so I run quickly over and set down a few shrooms behind them to cut them off. I was hoping they would try and run since more of my team was coming and they would eventually run into my shrooms and my team would get them. But of course a 7/1 garen had no problem tanking right through and decimating me with his ult. This is the point when suddenly my team wakes up and realises what my score is and the verbal harassment starts. Of course I was accused of feeding and the entire team goes full out trying to get 9 bans on me because they are sick of trolls. The next 10 minutes of the game was probably the worst and most verbal harassment I have ever received. It got to the point where the enemy team was in on it too, so I've got 9 people giving me absolute sh*t that I just could not possibly try to channel out. I'm trying to tell them that they can't ban me for something I haven't done and Riot won't issue the ban but the only answer I got was "shutup fckwit". So I just officially just had the worst game of my life. Yes I have had tons of games where I have lagged. I've had games where I was 0/13. But this was just living hell. Could I have just muted them? Yes I could have done that and continued to try and make do with horrible ping but I didn't. Simply because it made me realise just how cruel and stupid people who play this game are. Here's me trying to be the nicest person and calmly trying to explain what was happening but all I get are ignorant d*ckheads who care for nothing but seeing the word Victory next to there stats on the end of game screen. I did nothing to make them angry, I presented myself as a positive player but I get treated as low as a hacker or troll. You know what I think? This community needs to grow up. This game wasn't made for 12 year olds, it was made for sensible mature people to enjoy themselves and have fun. You can call this a rant or rage or whatever but I'm just giving out my opinion on the current state of this trash of a community. I don't think I've honestly ever seen it good in the 2 years I've been playing. I might just have to move on, which is something I really don't want to do since league has become a big part of my life. But if it starts to become more than that, a depressing issue, then I will have to hit the uninstall button......
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