Rengar's got all the spices man

He just has a bit of everything though: - Damage - Gap closer - Disengage - Engage - Hard CC - Light CC - Heal - Cleanse Plz man he 1v3's an ashe, lux, kennen. Eats ashe ult to face then proceeds to burst, almost dies Heals himself for over half his hp and then dodges lux cc with flash, bursts her down whilst exhausted then cleanses kennen cc and bursts him 2. Did i mention it was under tower for most of it. I dont really know what his counterplay is anymore, hasnt it always been hard cc? But i feel like now he gets the squishy he wants all the time because you cant really cc him straight away, plus getting visage means his heal is ridiculous. It feels shitty to watch someone, match my damage or beat it but also have all the extra stuff like a free QSS and heal without giving up either gold or a summoner slot.
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