Team Leaverbust choice options...

So I was playing a bot game with my friends because we didn't have time for a full one, I had to leave in the middle of the game knowing my friends will finish without me. They didn't mind at all and would even encourage me when I got back the game was still ongoing, I quickly levelled and turned the 2v5 around. After the game, the client informed me of a new leave bust for 20 minutes 5 times. The game was an intermediate bot game and my team didn't even mind me leaving, I never upset anyone and we still won the game. I'm paranoid from the fact that I got 5 leaver buster from an intermediate bot game! I'm suggesting that riot should add a function that allows teammates to choose whether or not they get to leave the game without penalty, more players would be satisfied that they aren't wasting more time than they should. I believe a team should decide whether or not the player gets the punishment, not the system, after all, it doesn't know the entire situation.
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