I just can't seem to climb anymore

I've been ranking flat out for the last number of weeks and I must say I climbed from plat 5 to 2 pretty fast, within a week or a little over a week. Then, since plat 2 like on 95 lp, I've been losing after losing and now I am in plat 5. You could tell me that I am tilted but I know well what it mans to be tilted. Could anybody please tell me what is happening to me? Are there things that I need to change to win or something? I'm fairly confident to say that I win most of bot lane, but the end result doesn't work out that pretty. You could check my history and although I have shi**** win rate for most, I know how my champions work and go positive most of the time. It's only that I'm beginning to realise how much of a struggle it is to climb as a support main in a solo queue. I'm pretty sure I'm below like 100 MMR average, so that could mean Im hard stuck in elo hell. I've been trying to figure out what has gone so wrong for me but I just can't find why. Help me :c
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