I don't know how, but I won a lost game

It made me realize for the first time in all of my time in league about how important it is to have teamwork and co operation. it is so sad to think about all of the egotistic bullying that really shuts down what makes league such a great gaming and/or competitive experience when not going verbal ham on your allies for feeding or ect... We won because we didn't harras anyone we won because we worked together even though the enemy brand could have pentakilled us alone we won because it is ok to screw up, just the abuse and feeling bad after that is the real problem. we won because even though every lane collapsed, (except mine though I didn't fare very well either) we pulled together, focused our efforts, listened to each other and understood that the game isn't about us, it is about everyone else in our team AND us. In league, you cant make it alone But 99/100 you can make it with your team Peace out - Chicken4dinner, born again league of legends player.
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