Hello guys, not long ago I wondered what the formula for Gathering storm is. So I looked on the numbers: 10 MINUTES +8 AP or 5 AD 20 MINUTES +24 AP or 14 AD 30 MINUTES +48 AP or 29 AD 40 MINUTES +80 AP or 48 AD 50 MINUTES +120 AP or 72 AD 60 MINUTES +168 AP or 101 AD etc. I noticed that if I look on the AP numbers, they can all be divided by 8. This led to this: 1,3,6,10,15,21 Luckily, I know what this is. This is what is called "Triangular number" and the formula for it is: T =n(n+1) / 2. which leads to the final formula for AP(Ap): Ap=T×8 **Ap=((n×(n+10))/200)*8** ex: 10 mins ((10×(10+10))/200)×8=8 _Where "n" are the minutes, but please realize it can be only in a form of 10, 20, 30, etc. simply because of how Gathering itself works._ AD formula is nearly the same: **((n×(n+10))/200)×4.8** (It's also important to note that the values for AD above are already rounded.) For those who would want to know more about Triangular number, here's the link:
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