New ranked placements is actually fake.... What is going on Riot?

Hello guys.......... I am so tilted playing 3v3, and getting total new players in my team against a silver-gold team. Look at the images above, the ashe just hit level 30, decided she wanted to try 3v3 ranked. she sold her items and bought new support items all game long. It was so tilting to play with. got hammered. I was told this season everyone starts 'iron' to get a feel of what it's like and climb their way up. I'm silver 2 in 3v3 flex I would love to understand why i'm being placed with this person right here. i understand the trouble with match making in 3v3 flexed that it's not based on solo queue but.. can we do as we said we would and give new players iron mmr and those worthy to climb will do it on their own. i made a smurf and played solo queue before, i got the iron 4 after first game but my mmr was silver based on so what's the point putting people in iron with high silver mmr after their first ranked loss. can someone please tell me what's going on? i'm losing my mind can we please, please, please, fix this? cause i'm tilted and the queue is down right now 1 am and i can't play untill next weekend which is very sad. please. do something about this PLEASE

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