Why you're losing #1 - doing random shit for nothing

You're Blue team. Enemy are ahead. Enemy have secured vision control of your Bramble side. "Enemy has slain the Dragon" You and your retard team proceed to - for utterly no sensible reason - explore the dark jungle, where it is almost certain the enemy team is awaiting or has complete vision of you. Why are you going in there? The Dragon just died. It literally got broadcast with a huge death scream and red text. People who do this sort of shit, are the same people who do the following: Not recognise a slow-pushing lane - which will enable you to secure an objective on the other side of the map if you don't touch it and allow yourself to think two minutes ahead. Autopilot to lanes. Bot laners do this the most. Absolute cancer. Support with a completed Quest item and still hold onto your Yellow trinket. One-trick, and have no idea how to otherwise play the game.
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