Playing like a god but still cant climb? (part 2)

#**Climbing Itself** It is a lot different climbing this season than it has been any other season, that being said, it’s far from impossible. > [There are some who rank up in other ways (sheer mechanics, yelling at their team, tilting the shit out of the enemy laner, who knows), but everyone has a 'how to survive solo queue' strategy and whoever climbed was the one who had the foolproof manual. -Pwyff]( My climbing strategy lies heavily on being the glue that holds my team together. Acting like a cheerleader for my teammates, keeping morale high. This is especially important in the lower elos where teamwork and general skill is unreliable and inconsistent. On top of this, I also rely heavily on game knowledge: Objective prioritisation, mastery/rune/item optimisation, team comps, counters and win conditions and how I, as a single player, can use them to the advantage of the team. I don’t do it so much now because the higher you go the more consistent the teamwork, and the less ‘glue’ you need (in most games), but my “cinnamon roll ranked strategy” was pretty simple. * **Early champ select:** Greet everyone with a simple “hi ^.^”. * **During champ select/loading:** Using, check the histories of my teammates. If they are tilted, that’s fine. Depends on how tilted and for how long. If they play off meta that’s also fine. Just gotta adjust my own strategy. (This is especially important as jungle/support, and also a good reason to learn those roles because in those roles you can fill major gaps in a team comp with just your one pick) If they are intent feeders/known toxins I would dodge or get one of my friends to. IMO strategic dodging is fine, but you shouldn’t do it for every little thing, as too much and there are penalties (and rightfully so, having 10 queues dodges is frustrating). * **Picking/Banning:** Based on pick intentions, pick a comfort pick and direct team to what is missing from team comp. If one of the last picks, I base my pick on what is needed. * **In loading/early game:** Note power spikes, what our team is good at, what our team lacks, do we need that early dragon? Is rift herald a must for us? Should I get my adc to play safely or aggressive? Basically, summarise this info and feed it to my team. Usually, they will agree. Sometimes what you’re saying might seem obvious, but having it written and read drastically increases the chances of your team _remembering_ and being _actively aware of_ the key info. * **In game:** Go about the game, calling objectives/rotations/engage opportunities through a mix of pings and chat. Encourage those who need it, but stay away from generic advice like “don’t feed” and “just farm under tower”. Instead focus more on advice like “It’s fine, don’t worry. We can pace the game and pressure the other side of the map so you can safely farm” (while actively looking for opportunities to do so). Spoon feed praise to your team so their confidence is boosted and they play better, just be careful not to chat too much and lose focus on your own play. * **Late game:** Closing games is the hardest part. Baron throws/getting caught out can be the difference between winning and losing. Communication here needs to be concise. If you have members of your team that aren’t listening, adjust your strategy to accommodate them. It is better to be all together, even if you aren’t being completely efficient, than to be separated, get picked off, aced and lose the game. * **Endgame:** Congratulate teammates, add anyone if they were nice/played well, and don’t be a ♥♥♥♥ to the enemy team. Do what you can to end every game (win or loss) on a positive, rather than a negative. It will drastically improve your experience going into your next game. * **Postgame:** If you are tilted, take a break. Even if you only have limited time for video games, take a break from ranked if you are tilted/not playing your best. Playing in those conditions will only make your experience worse, and increase your likelihood of losing. It’s wasted time which would be much better spent on something else, or at least a fun normal/ARAM/RGM if you really want to keep playing League. ___ #**Is dynamic queue worth it?** Short answer: **Yes**. If you struggle to deal with less than desirable teammates, or just want to reduce your chances of encountering trolls, then dynamic queue is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be people you know, adding people who played well/were positive after ranked games is a great way to fill out your team a little, if only for a few games after. **My dynamic queues:** * Bronze-silver I climbed as a 5man with my friends. That way we had voice comms and were sure that none of our teammates were going to troll/have internet issues. * Silver-gold I climbed as a 3man with a different set of friends due to the originals having uni. Three of us were able to remain positive and encourage our two other teammates, and control flame if one of them decides to go full ♥♥♥♥. * Plat+ I usually duo queue. My duo queue partner is someone I know irl and someone who has weird sleeping patterns to match my shift work schedule. We occasionally pick up randoms and trio queue here and there. Half of my dynamic partners have been irl friends that I met through my university's league of legends club. The other half are people that I met in ranked that added me because I was nice or people I added from the boards “team recruitment” page. Even if you have a super messed up and inconsistent schedule, there will be someone out there for you. > If you’re still going in solo, then at the very least expect that you are going to have to fit into the team, rather than having the team fit around you, and try to pick/play accordingly. ___ #** Recording your experiences** Keeping a ranked diary allows me to be self-critical and draft my ideas. Up until very recently, I have been using an exercise book but have recently switched to using a google doc. [**Here**]( if you are interested in seeing what I have. Keep in mind, it’s very WIP as I have yet to transfer some of the lists over from the book hardcopy. There are plenty of reasons to keep a ranked diary, and you can pick and choose them as you like: * Strategies or team comps that worked out * Improving with a specific champion or set of champions * Role specific strategies * [Keeping perspective on negativity]( * Correlation between experience (positive/negative, played well/badly, tilted/fresh) and gains/losses (LP/MMR/Promos). ___ **If you are sick of being stuck, start now.** Take a couple of days away from playing (at least from playing ranked). Pick your roles, draft your champ pool, research runes/masteries/builds. Ease back into it by practising CS in customs for 5 mins every day. Play with friends and see what kind of players you work well with, learn to play actively. If you are struggling with any of this, consider enlisting help from a coach ([1]( , [2]( )). If coaching isn't your style, there is also youtube. Personally, I really like the [lolking guides]( and [leaguecraft 101]( from unswlolsoc **If you are uber stuck and you think your MMR is too kill** In cases where you are gaining 3 lp and losing 300 ([not for real, but it can feel this way]( )), I would suggest taking the above steps, but playing ranked on an alt account > [Part of the problem is, you've played so many games where you are, that even if “you are better than everyone else where you are”, you have no means to improve. By far the fastest way to improve is to play with/against and then catch up to people of greater skill than you. If you are already top rung where you are, then you aren't going to be able to climb the metaphorical ladder of improvement, you need to find a taller ladder.]( ___ What’s your soloq/ranked strategy? Where did you start, where are you now and what is your end of season goal? Comment below, maybe the way you climbed could help someone else out ♥ (big ty to Seras Dragon for helping me out ♥)
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