How To Fix New Aatrox (Not talking about reverting)

Conceptually, new Aatrox is better. Different, but better in my opinion. However, he desperately needs to be fixed. His W is damn near useless against anyone with even a bit of mobility and common sense, his Q is fine early on, but becomes painfully slow as the game progresses and leaves you open to any Yasuo you will ever face. His E is good, but similarly to Q, too slow as the game progresses. Plus Riot definitely played way too safe with his cooldowns, stripping a few seconds from his base cooldowns at all ranks would do him justice. 16 seconds on rank 1 Q is a joke. 20 seconds on dodge charges, even more so. His ultimate.... I got no idea. Make it so the cast is really fast and doesn't break your combo, and make it so it charges as you do damage, credit to RossBoomsocks for the idea. Also make so you get a very clear indicator when it's about to run out, because that can fuck you over too. TL;DR - Make his Q cast faster by something like 15% with every cast, ramping up to the third. Make it so Q and E gain cast speed with levels. Make it so his W has no range on the second proc and the enemy gets pulled regardless or make both procs of the slow at least 50%. Shave off 2-4 seconds from his base cooldowns, most importantly his E. Make it so his ult doesn't break combo and scales with damage dealt and has a clear indicator of running out. That would about fix the guy IMO
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