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Just a quick question as to what this is? I was watching a video of Kkoma and saw he earned this skin border at the end of the game. Following up with like 3 other skin border things. Very confused as to what this is to be honest. Also, question as to how to get Blue Essence. When I first logged into PreSeason I got a Blue Essence quest that got me 9k, and I asked a few of my friends about it. Some didn't even get the quest and other either got less than I did or more. Very confused with this new Blue Essence replacing IP thing. (Side-Note: I realized in the video that Kkoma was able to get 90k Blue Essence from the same quest I completed too...) If anyone could answer these questions that'd be great! So far the only way I've seen people get Blue Essence is by dismantling champion shards and completing that one single quest... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}

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