The state of autofill (More ranting fun)

I know this has been talked about a lot but let me address something about autofill and its impact on the game, so Riots logic for autofill was the apparent "long queue times" for people in high elo having to wait 1 hour for a game. I understand that, however you can't just make a change to role selecting like that "because of high elo" and not expect low elo to be affected. Do Riot understand that high and low elo are that significantly different? I was often told that to climb out of low elo "you should focus on two roles" yet now I'm forced to play every role including the ones I don't enjoy? No League is not about "learning and playing all roles" League is about having fun, even in ranked I play semi-competitively, I play seriously to win but I still want to have fun. Unfortunately I don't have fun playing support, support can be left to those who enjoy playing it but god forbid don't force me into it. Listen Riot you got a problem with high elo queue times? Take a look at this -----> Autofilled enabled in Diamond+ If you see or have anything wrong with that idea please, feel free to let me know in the comments, I'm curious if anyone else can solve such a simplistic problem. Just a side note, yes, I would rather wait 10+ minutes to get my roles then play support :)
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