Sometimes you just cant climb

Just saying my opinion, im a plat 2 player i dont play alot of ranked but i played a little at the start of the season, my win rate is 53% nothing crazy but i consider myself a pretty good player, i always do well in lane and think i know the game pretty well, and then i created this account to play on with a friend and hell broke loose, i hit gold 5 this season on this account with i think rougly 23W 18L, since then i have hit 24W 35L, almost every game is absolutely ridiculous , over half the games have had an AFK or two and ive seen 0/18 zeds in my time, now it doesnt really matter to me because i can play on my other account with normal people. but MAYBE, just maybe, there are some good players out there who cant climb through the tilt,if i have had 10 games of just abolute chimps, maybe people have had 20? 30? so why do people lose LP with 3 afks on there team?
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