Ranked system is goddamn awful

Why the .... Ranked is so bad, and undeveloped. I was stuck in goddamn bronze in S8 (When i joined the game) And I am playing ONLY RANKED GAMES ONLY. I can't get higher ranks my best was B1 from my first Placements when i was goddamn in a 0/10 ( 0 wins 10 Loss) in the Provisional. Then i Got down to B3 and back to B2 and then its started rolling from B3 to B2. I had tons of games and I'm NOT BAD, But anyhow this is a Team game and how you Can put a rank for a TEAM GAME. Can you somehow FIX THIS. Because S9 Provisional i lost 6 and won 4... And i got Iron 1.... Now I got to Iron 3 Because of my ..... Teammates that DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY. And as you know NO CHAMPION cant WIN with 4 MONKEYS in his team. I don't say I'm Perfect or anything near that but I'm not Iron Neither bronze... I hope you will Find something that can fix that... I know I'm not the only one with that problem so if you could please fix that, I would be so happy. I goddamn cried after a loss streak Because my Grateful teammates Played it so good that We lost. Thanks, I hope you understand.
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