A Step in the Wrong Direction - Aatrox Rework

I just read over the proposed Aatrox rework on the PBE, and honestly, I'm very dissappointed. The changes are a nerf to an already weak champion. Before I say anything, I know and acknowledge that Aatrox in his current state is garbage. I have him level 7, and I know if you lose lane, you lose hard, and if you win lane, all you can do is splitpush anyway because he has no teamfight presence. That isn't what bothers me. I have played Aatrox for a while despite his shortcomings, because he is one of, if not the most fun champion for me to play. Aatrox in my mind should have the identity of an unparalleled duellist and split pusher simply due to his healing and attack speed steroids. The changes to his passive and W completely throw that out the window, forcing him to only engage on enemies when he has his passive ready. You could argue that you already have to do that, which you do, but as long as you are in combat with full Blood Well, you can start playing aggressive at any time, which is far preferable to just 4 seconds of bonuses with a potentially long duration while fighting champions. This also destroys his ability to siege towers, only giving him short bursts of attack damage and attack speed. Adding the prolonging effect against towers as well would be a welcome change. (Also adding more attack damage and attack speed items that DON'T include useless stats for a fighter like Aatrox would be welcome). That said, the flat 30% heal on revive is a nice change. The changes to Q - Dark Flight I am indifferent to, I would have preferred a change to the cool down of the ability, as it has one of the longest cool downs of a gap closer in the game. Now the Changes to W Blood Thirst/Blood Price are interesting, but still underwhelming. The changes to Blood Thirst make zero sense to me, the tripled healing is one of the things that make Aatrox such a godlike duellist, because people (usually low rank mind you) over commit to killing you, and after they burn their abilities and you are still standing, you just pick up a free kill or a couple summoner spells and walk away. The fact that the base healing is higher and it scaled off of missing health kind of makes sense, but overall his duelling power when prioritising damage over tankiness suffers because of it. A more welcome change would be instead just slapping on a 15% AP ratio for the AP granted from Guinsoos Rageblade, and retaining the triple healing while below 50% health. Blood Price by itself is one of the coolest yet basic abilities in the game. You damage yourself to gain bonus damage equal to around a critical hit every third attack. Removing the health cost and gutting the damage just does not sit right with me. The changes to E - Blades of Torment are what cemented my abhorrence for this rework. Only one thing that was changed on this ability caused this. I don't care about the changes to the damage scaling, but changing the damage type from MAGIC to PHYSICAL? That's really not ok. This ability was the only saving grace for Aatrox when he has to suffer laning against a tank or a fighter that is just going to build armour to counter him. The changes to the slow are irritating as well, Aatrox was one of the few champions in the game where the slow DURATION scaled up with level instead of INTENSITY. There was no reasonable reason to change that. Overall, this rework will make Aatrox, a champion I love playing, simply not fun anymore. Of course I won't know until I try it but just from the numbers alone, it seems RIOT took a niche-of-the-niche champion and made him even worse.
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