Riot banning for the sake of it?

Hey people. I do not play League of Legends often anymore. I have had my account for 4-5 years now and I've spent probably around $300 dollars on it. The last time I have played was 6 days ago. Never in that 4-5 years have I ever downloaded hacks for anything at all. One day, I suddenly got 2 emails from Riot Games themselves. This surprised me, because as I said, "Never in that 4-5 years have I ever downloaded hacks for anything at all". It's all good though because there is no such thing as hacks on my PC, so I made a request to Riot about my ban. I was expecting them to admit their mistake and unban me. Instead, I got an absolutely useless response. I responded again with many questions about my account and demanding to be unbanned. I am still unsure about this situation entirely, but I posted this to show how stupid Riot are. I also want to know if other people are getting the same problem as I am. I think it is disgraceful that they do this to my account and especially for something that I have never considered doing. If they still do not want to unban me because they think I broke the terms of use, then that just worsens their reputation and shows that they do not care about their fans, both old and new.
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