Getting OCE more than just English!

Hi everybody, So I was wondering if it would be possible to add more of the common languages in the world to the OCE server (普通话, Español) etc, and also the languages for the areas in OCE that are not Australia and New Zealand. (I apologize for being ignorant but I don't know what languages they all are) I submitted a ticket to support asking if you could change it already, and they said to post on the boards, because "specialized people are frequently looking here for things players think could be improved. As a bonus, the 14/15 of you who don't like the people saying "OCE if only English" and other racist (languagist?) stuff like that (those people will likely now hate me xD) will have all their arguments, sorry, their one argument made worthless. If you guys agree could you comment and say the languages you think should be added?
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