I need more Lore Based gameplay.

Lore is a big part of this game for me and many others I imagine. It's nice to know that the champions all intertwine with one another and have relationships. (eg. Leona/Diana, Vi+Caitlyn/Jinx, Katarina/Cassiopeia etc) I also like the fact that the champions all come from different places and each represent a different faction (Ionia, Demacia, Noxus, Valoran, Piltover etc). **EDIT**: added a comment to top so that more people will see it. It'd be cool if they did a new gamemode or made new maps like ARAM but had a theme behind them (probably won't happen).. Eg. Bilgewater - Each team has either Gangplank or Miss Fortune and associated minions and you have to protect your champion?? and capture parts of the dock, map could be a dock area with boats and other things, water etc. See the Bilgewater skins (Cutthroat Graves, Cutpurse Twisted Fate, Sea Hunter Aatrox, Captain Fortune, Captain Gangplank, Corsair Quinn, Rogue Admiral Garen etc) Freljord - we already have ARAM which is nice but it would be better if it had a more lore based theme to it. Sejuani v Ashe v Lissandra and Trundle watching. Ionia - an island you need to protect against the invaders (taken from lore itself) Piltover - map - city thats thriving and you could basically do battle against eachother and as the match progresses certain things upgrade (idk it's the city of technological development so i'm winging it??) Noxus v Demacia - a map and you can only play champs from each side. Sorta like ARAM you get put into a team (either Noxus or Demacia) and can only select champions from those nations. Valoran - not sure Zaun - similar to Dominion (I know it's being retired) or even Twisted Treeline with lore based things, goo and radioactive minions that progressively become more crazy and strong everywhere idk, crazy scientists (lmao) Void - something in space (not too sure) Let me know what you think of these ideas.. I'd also love to see more champion v champion interactions not just a passive.. Riot pls see this and provide an opinion. My point I guess is that I'd really love to see more Lore based gameplay. Whether that be special gamemodes or tournaments or nation v nation v nation in a points sort of system - similar to Ocean Week but you choose a nation/faction and play and whichever faction gets the most points wins and whoever was in that faction gets a reward or something. Please let me know what you think and if you have any similar ideas please share. If you can improve upon my horrendous explanation then please do so! Let's hope a Rioter sees this and provides an opinion! Thanks. **PS: Bring back the Journal of Justice!**
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