How do you deal with getting camped every game?

Hey, Just wanted a few thoughts about getting camped. A little back story is in order I guess. I've recently been racking up some good KDA and wins in the bot lane with specific champs and I think those who check and other sites also seen what I can do in the bot lane. So for the past few days i've been getting camped and it's tilting me to high heaven. I ask my jungler for a counter gank/camp but he'd rather go help his buddy in top lane and the guy still losses his lane and what not, those types of things. So my question is, how do you deal with being camped and what are some good ways to stop the enemy from getting easy kills and maybe salvage the lane a little when the camp is done. Cheers, Syn PS. Lets skip all the "Your bad, your bronze" garbage shall we and get to helping out someone who wants to get better :)
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