Spiros the Boat Builder

Spiros was having a drink at the pub, looking rather glum. Barkeeper asks "Why the sad look pal?". He looks up and asked the barkeeper "can I ask what your name is?". "I'm Markos" says the barkeeper. "People call you Markos the barkeeper, right?" Spiros queried. "Yeah, I guess so.." said Markos. Spiros turned to his left and prompted the gentleman next to him "and you, may I ask your name and profession?" "I'm Pericles, and I paint houses for a living" Pericles stated. "And I'll wager that people call you Pericles the painter, correct?" added Spiros. "Well... yes, I suppose I am known by that" said Pericles. Spiros then prompted the gentleman to his right "and your name and occupation if i may?". "I build houses for a crust. The names Theodotos" replied the patron. "And yet people call you Theodotos the house builder, don't they!?" Spiros snapped. Markos chimed in "woah calm down friend, what seems to be the problem??". As Spiros started to point out the window to the harbor, he declares "See all those boats out there? I built every single one of them, with my bare hands!". Frustratingly adding "but does anyone care about that? you would think everyone would call me Spiros the boat builder!!" ".... but you f**k ONE goat...."
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