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Hi I'm Air. I have been Diamond ELO for 3 seasons now and I feel like league is coming to an end for me since I'm not progressing. Don't get me wrong the first season I hit Diamond in season 3 I was content with it. Season 4 I peaked at Diamond 1 and was playing really well and thought I was on track for Master..then the season ended :/ Season 5 just gone by I was incredibly frustrated and disappointed in myself when I yet again only managed Diamond 3. It sure didn't help that I somehow pulled a 1-14 Diamond 3 promo record in the final week of the season. Yes, I mean 1 successful and 14 unsuccessful in 1 week. I am told that when I'm playing my best I could get to challenger easily by my friends/teammates and this gives me confidence but I'm still in the god damn Diamond elo. This season I have got off to an awful start. Placing Plat 2 which I didn't care about because I was confident I could easily climb back to diamond to begin with and then further on from there...or so I thought. I am now currently 24-41 record, still Plat 2. I know this is probably just a bad run and it's got my confidence down along with the tilt but I still feel that I need some guidance to get me just that little bit further and manage to get beyond Diamond. If possible I'd love to have a real conversation with Master/Challenger ADC mains about it and maybe have them spectate a few games. I do have the mentality to improve and I know I still have alot to learn. TL;DR - Really struggling to push past Diamond ELO and would love for a Master/Challenger ADC main to help me get up there but a full read would be appreciated (:
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