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Hey, Just saw RedMercy's video and I see voice chat being a thing..... PLEASE DON'T. I can say with 100% certainty that everyone will mute everyone and the only people who don't will be a 12 year old Yas feeder flaming everyone. Another point to mention is not everyone has a functioning microphone, just recently played a few Overwatch games and all I hear is static and plates being smashed together and someones mum yelling at them in the background, or someone sitting with their fan blowing straight into the microphone.... Not something we want to hear. If we want to talk to each other while playing league we invite the team into a discord channel. From there, if we don't like their microphone or background noise, we mute/kick them or lower their microphone input for them. League of Legends is a team sport and communication is key, similar to rainbow six siege, communication makes the game 10x easier to play, however it's also not a good idea. Keep the voice chats to discord invites please. PS. If voice chat comes in, someone can be verbally toxic which is 99999x more annoying and won't be on record for a report since they won't be typing it. These are my thoughts and I'd like to hear why you think it's a good idea to bring voice chat into league. I write this resembling the league community who think voice chats are nice in games but doesn't belong in League of Legends. Final words: Leave voice chat to discord, they offer a large amount settings and each individual can uniquely tamper with others microphone settings to best suit them without affecting how other's hear that individual I hope to hear your thoughts soon. Thank you,
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