Well Jhin is 100% useless, When will this game die?

No mobility, (for the bronzies a little ms buff isnt mobility in league of leaps dashes and hard cc 100 - 0 in 0.2 seconds). His dmg doesn't justify his lack of mobility at all, his flowers do a lot of dmg but only a down syndrome giraffe could possibly not be able to move off the flower before it explodes. If enemy has a Malphite/Annie/anything that can cc or 100-0 you might as well go afk. The ultimate literally lags, people in the ult jump around and I've bullets literally go directly through champions, not to mention this ultimate is just straight trash, it's like a horrible gimped version of Karthus ulti, it's like if karthus's ulti was single target, a skillshot, and laggy and buggy as hell, that's Jhin's ult. Now this is my biggest question, WHAT IS THIS CHAMPION SUPPOSED TO DO? He can't ADC, the reload mechanic destroys any chance of that, his dps is bad, and really he's all about that fourth shot cheese. His kit leans far more towards a mid laner but what niche does he fill, he has very little CC aside from his w, his burst is bad, he has no aoe, he is just a really, really, really bad champion. When I play Jhin I feel like I have no abilities, His q is almost garbage it's just something you throw out for a bit of dmg but its really , really bad. His w is a nice snare however I find myself hard pressed to even utilize it most of the time, in a all in 1v1 it can be pretty bad becasue the wind up is so fking long and it is extremely easy to miss, its damage is also bad, seems like something you only really use to chase someone whos running or try to pick, it just feels impractical in a 1v1 all in duel where the enemy isn't running. His ultimate, what the actual fk is this pile of fking sht, one it's buggy as all hell, is riot even trying anymore THESE ISSUES WERE ON THE FKING PBE AND THEY'VE BEEN COMPLETELY IGNORED, PEOPLE IN THE FKING ULTIMATE DESYNC AROUND LIKE ITS FUCKING COD AND THE HOST IS SOME 12 YEAR OLD WITH DODO INTERNET. Now that the lag and bugginess is out of the way the ultimate is straight bad. Sure he will pick off some stragglers with it but if he actually just had a useful fking ultimate then they would probably already be dead, the only purpose it serves to pick off someones who low running, and it's like really, really, really, easy to dodge and the lag/bullets going straight through champions makes it kind of hard to hit, They should just rename his ult to "Quickscoping with 250 ping". Another worthless update, Another worthless champion, is this game dead yet? Last four champion releases: **Jhin:** Flawed design trash tier, second day of release and already needs a rework. **Illaoi:** Another useless champion, is only good against fking idiots who some how get hit by the tentacles with the world biggest wind up. There always going to be the bronzies that say "ILLAOI OP SHE JUMP IN ME TEAM AND 1V7 SOLO PENTAKILLLLLL" But just to set the case straight, Illaoi, is really, really, really bad. Almost no mobility, no cc, main dps extremely easy to dodge, rubbish. **Kindred:** Absolutely infuriating to play against. Did they not learn their lesson from Kayle? People don't want these fucking invincibility ultimates, they are extremely frustrating. **Tahm Kench:** I don't even have words for this champion, his concept is broken, needs to be deleted. Everyone knew this was going to be broken as soon as they read his ability description (or at least I did), I knew this would be broken before I even saw the numbers. And it's really one of these champions that are going to be oppressive as hell or trash tier. Since his strength is the fact he can oppress a lane by just building full tank and one shotting you. And yea eating a team mate idk what to say, this champs kit is just so overloaded and broken.
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