Why is Zilean's new passive so hard to use?

Seriously can someone explain me the logic on making the UI of this passive... THE PLAYER EXPERIENCE IS HORRIBLE. EXTREMELY HORRIBLE. Did anyone in Riot even try to use this passive? it is extremely clunky, unintuitive and complicated. How to fix it? 1) Make the passive UNAVAILABLE TO CLICK while there are no suitable champions in range (like Katarina or Morgana's ultimates). 2) Change the color of the circle when it is almost full and when it is full. White -> Orange or anything. . 3) Make it POINT AND CLICK. Is it really hard to make it work like a heal? seriously? Did you implement such a clunky right click mechanic. IT IS HORRIBLE. 4) Remove the channel. What's the point of the channel anyways? if you can't use it in combat. 5) Alternatively make it similar to Kindred. Show a special little UI that goes away in combat and tells you who is available to receive the passive. Simple yet effective.
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