Lissandra Bio Confusion

So I was reading Lissandra's new bio but ended up a bit confused by the first part of it. This is my current understanding of it: Lissandra makes a deal with the Watchers for immortality/power from the void, in return preparing Runeterra for their arrival (I assume this meant that she would remove any potential threats to the Watchers and voidborn). A deal her sisters have no idea about. But then her sisters argue with her about the deal she made? Even though they don't know that the deal ever took place? While trying to soothe her sisters Lissandra is also trying to delay the arrival of the Watchers as to give her more time to prepare, but the Watchers don't really care - they gave a deadline, they're arriving on that deadline (Understandable, you're not just going to give someone power and then let them walk all over you). The Void then erupts into northern Runeterra and the deal Lissandra made with them becomes apparent (did her sisters not already know about this deal?). Instead of allowing the Void to consume everything (As per the original deal she made? The bio gives the impression that this is what Lissandra wants) she imprisons the Watchers, her sisters and a large portion of other Iceborn in True Ice deep within the Howling Abyss. So how did her sisters know about the deal she'd made with the Watchers? Why did she betray the Watchers when it seemed like she wanted the infinity of the void? Can anyone clear this up for me?
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