Do you think 21% Maximum hp magic damage on a 5 second cd will be OP?

Nah absolutely nothing wrong with that what could go wrong? Riot really are getting bored aren't they? Is this Fiora 2.0? Dodge like ability on w, disgusting amount of percent % dmg allowing shen to deal thousands of dmg to tanks while building full tank, and tanking half of a squishies HP with one Q if not their entire bar if he has titanic finished. The trio of top laners, Tahm Kench, Shen, Fiora, nothing else can compete with these three champions. Expect to see these all pick or ban in every lcs/pro fuckery event. If you try to all out fight a Shen with rank 5 Q he will literally have 100% uptime on it, you either run, or you die. unless of course you're fiora. I really just taunt into any champion I like, drop the dodge, hit em up for 20% of their maximum hp in magic dmg, and then walk away, if they chase i just drag sword through them again as it will behind them and hit them up again, at this point they need to b or they are going to die. This is just brainless and broken, so let's say you have 1k hp at like lvl 8 which every champion will have more then, thats 250 magic dmg, this doesn't include your AA dmg, your taunt dmg (which is a lot more now that scales with bonus hp) so you're going to be easily hitting up a lvl 8 champion for 400 - 500 magic dmg (while building full tank), this is disgusting. (and you dodge their AA's and minion dmg, just to you know add insult to injury) LOL I FORGOT GRASP OF UNDYING AS WELL, you will get 2 procs of that in, so another 6% of YOUR max hp. And the bami cinder damage :) [](
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