Rengar - How do I even deal with this as a support main?

Hey guys, after rengar's Q has been reverted and he's now been BUFFED without any real reason, (seriously, he was already stomping in bronze-high silver) how do you deal with him as a support main? If I'm playing anything other than poppy my adc's get immediately killed in one combo, whether or not I have knights vow or locket. If I'm playing any sort of mage/squishy support we just have no chance unless I can manage to cc him if we even see him coming. I'm at a complete loss, the rengar in my last game got 2 kills early then just started solo killing our entire team, with or without any support from his team. He ended up with 35 kills in that game. None of us could do anything about it, and his leaps were just one shotting whoever he hit when leaping out of his ulti. It's all good to buff champs that need it but rengar has always been a problem since his creation. It's no fun at all going 1-10 in a game purely because there was no counterplay at all from an invisibility to a oneshot kill. Later he didn't even have to invis, he just leaped out of a bush and killed 3 people. Please help, I already have more than enough things to ban as a support without having to instaban rengar every game and let past my actual counters
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