Runes Reforged - Rune pages?

Hey all, I was just rereading over the proposed runes reforged page, and while I'm getting where everyone is coming from I'm still a little unclear on the rune system itself. My question is since we have 20 mastery pages currently, but we have to buy rune pages, and we're told that we get to keep our pages that we've purchased.. Does this mean that any player who wants more than the default two pages now has to buy more rune pages? If so doesn't that quite defeat the purpose of removing mastery? since a lot of that power was the ability to customize many pages for your own champion pools. For example, I main poppy support. I currently run a tank mastery page for her I occasionally play trundle. I use the same runes but different masteries. I play janna and lulu, different runes, and different masteries. I play a lot of others but for this example i'll settle for those four. If I was new and only had the two rune pages i'd have a set of tank runes for 2, and a set of gold generation ap runes for the other 2. but my masteries are all different. Now do i have to buy two new pages to do the same thing as current? So i need to spend an extra 12k ip/blue essence on rune pages because I can no longer play the four champions that I play optimally?
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