Should Riot release a 1 vs 1 Ranked Game Mode?

hey guys.. Being a bronze player, I immediately understand the frustration of being matched with team mates who are "really bad", and constantly have to carry my team to victory (when clearly they didn't contribute to the win). This made me wonder, if Riot released a new RANKED gamemode that involved 1 on 1 matches between similar ranked players, then this could fix the issues that alot of people are facing. It would focus on actual individual skill instead of having to rely or carry other team mates, and most importantly, it would give players a more accurate and deserving rank. I understand how something like this would fail, (League being a team orientated game, or certain players; junglers and supports, may not have much experience/skill in lane) but it would be a pretty cool feature. Feel free to comment your opinions on this and vote whether or not you want this to happen in the poll below
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