League turned me into a monster

I have been playing league since season 1, however I have decided to quit because it has changed me in ways I do not like. I used to play league to have fun, but ever since i moved from NA when the OCE servers opened up I came to the realisation that the report system doesn't work. No one would help us, our cries will forever be unheard. Riot doesn't care about us, nothing will ever ben done about the state of this community. I used to be a good person, I would always start the game with a good luck and have fun and end with a gg. But game after game of intentional feeding, hate speech, bullying and more from team mates and allies playing league is no longer worth it. And before people quote the old "Just mute them", muting doesn't stop the ekko from walking down mid lane in your promos, muting doesn't stop the nami from sitting in base spamming laugh all game, muting doesn't stop the 4 man premade from sitting in your lane taking your farm while spamming laugh. But it has reaches the point where the past 3 games I consistently displayed toxic behaviour. I told multiple people to kill themselves. At one point, an intentional feeder asked " do you want to hear a joke?" and I replied " I want to hear about your murder case on TV, I also want to hear about its not being pursued because everyone is glad you are dead". In conclusion, Good bye league. I enjoyed you but the people that play you are horrible people and the people that made you don't care.
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