The number game

For all you old GD'ers, you will remember this game we use to play on the old forums. One of my favorites tbh. The aim of the game was to reach 500 without a Rioter interrupting the count. You can't post consecutively, wait a bit before you post the next number, and you can only post one number at a time. Since we kind of still have a small community now, we can make it up to 150 and if we surpass that number then we can try to reach 150+ for as long as we can before a Rioter posts and breaks the chain. When a Rioter comments, then we have to start back at 1. I'll kick it off and we can see how we go. 1 EDIT: So far, 321 is our highest (damn you Maraudar {{item:3073}} )

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