Is there any possible way to report a Riot Support Employee?

A few years back I was banned for scripting ( dumb mistake a young me has done ). Moving to college I wanted to catch up to playing League again so I decided to take a chance and message the Riot Support employee about reconsidering my ban ( Very rarely do they do ). 3 days after submitting my ticket I received a reply, The riot employee mentioned that multiple actions were taken. I understood why they couldn't unban me but the way he explained it is as they've done multiple actions before permabanning me which hasn't happened. It was obvious at this point I wouldn't get my account back but questioned his statement mentioning the multiple actions taken. He completely ignored everything I've asked and just sent a blank systematic reply. That made me think that he hasn't gone through my past ticket too which completely ruins the point of sending a ticket. Is there anything I can do to report an employee or possibly speak to the lead manager of his? **First reply by the support specialist : ** > Hey there, > > I am sorry to see that your account is suspended after you invested time and money in it, honestly, I will feel the same way, I can tell how frustrating it is. > > Your account has been permanently banned after being escalated through multiple levels of punishment by our disciplinary audits. > > I am sorry to tell you that I will have to give you the bad news :( This action is only taken after repeat punishments and we will not lift the suspension under any circumstance. > > Although this marks the end of the line, we’re confident that with some reflection you will be able to avoid this kind of situation with whatever new games you decide to play. > > I hope I explained everything for you and I really wish you all the best! > > Best of luck in your future endeavors. **My reply: ** Hey, > I would like to know what were these multiple levels of punishment given to me by the disciplinary audits that after all that has led to a permaban. As far as I know I have not received any message prior to the perma ban email that was sent to my email, if any evidence would be like to shown I would gladly be able to show it. I understand that an action such as using 3rd party scripts is an instant permaban as far as my knowledge but you've mentioned a repeat punishment system and multiple level of punishments which I have not gone through such as temp ban or chat restrictions if that is what you mean by it. > > Regards, > Adam **Last reply by him :** > Our system detected the use of scripts within your games. I hope you can see why it would be unsatisfying and frustrating to play against other players who are using a tool to tamper with the gameplay experience. We took action to protect the fairness and integrity of the Fields of Justice. > > We have explained the context of your suspension, will not remove or modify it, and consider the matter closed. > > Best of wishes, Any help would be great to this matter.
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